Tuesday, 4 March 2014

In Search of the Leicesters

ALX400 W743DWX leads Gemini FJ08FYN on a Bernard Matthews contract
Today was the first opportunity I had to track down and photograph the two former First Leicester ALX400s

I thought my best bet would be at Beach Coach Station to capture a photo of either of them working Bernard Matthews contracts.

Wrong guess! The arrival of the twosome was heralded by noisy ALX400 30888 W743DWX which led Gemini 37562 FJ08FYN along Nelson Road North

It's as if it was waiting for me, 32062 W422SRP basking in the sun
I got a photo of the two prior to departure following the boarding of passengers at the coach station

On the off chance, I headed for Caister Road depot and couldn't believe my luck as 32062 W422SRP was parked on the forecourt soaking up the sunshine!

A quick photo
opportunity and then, just as I was driving away, 32063 W223XBD was driven out of the garage and left northbound.

Three of the Olympians in the rear yard - on the left is 34108 W435CWX, in
the centre is 34109 W436CWX and nearest the camera is 34113 W433CWX
I expect both were on schools duties serving the rural area north of the town

Meanwhile, all seven CWX registered Volvo Olympians were noted located in the rear yard

Finally, Ryan tells me that he delivered Lowestoft's ADL Enviro200 45112 DK57SXF to its home depot during yesterday evening after a long stay at Caister Road undergoing repair

My thanks to Ryan for the update

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