Sunday, 9 September 2018

Double Deck Coaches at Beach Coach Station

Two double deck coaches were among the sextet appearing at Great Yarmouth's Beach Coach Station earlier today.

They were both Van Hools from the Royston based Richmond's and are TDX versions; 403NMM was new in 2015 whilst WVJ539 was new a year later. My thanks to David Oakley for the corrections (see comments below)

A couple of coaches from A&P Travel were also present in the form of V20APT and Y20APT. The former is a 1999 Van Hool bodied Scania K124IB4 whilst the latter is a Van Hool T916 Astron. V20 was formerly registered V729EDX and V40DGE when with Lodge of High Easter whilst Y20 was new to Galloway of Mendlesham as AY06CPX.

The remaining coaches included Solus Coaches' Scania K360iB4 / Irizar i6 YN18SGY, on hire to KM Travel of Barnsley, and National Holidays' Setra NH11DTH.



  1. The two a&p coaches both were new to Galloway v729edx had the millennium clock on the side and new in 2000 the astron was one of four new in 2006

  2. 403NMM was new in 2015, WVJ539 was new in 2016 and are both the TDX edition.

  3. Thanks for the corrections David. The issues with cherished registrations are a problem at times!!