Tuesday 4 September 2018

Routemaster Memories

Grahame's recent post showing the Great Yarmouth liveried Routemaster (Revisited Norwich 2007 - 2nd September 2018) prompted an email and some photos from Leon Smith.

'As a follower of your wonderful site and despite being a Glaswegian I own a caravan at Seashore on a plot which had been my parents and my grandparents before them and have been coming to Great Yarmouth since I was five years old and now at forty two years old it has become my home from home.

My Dad was a bus driver since before I was born working from GGPTE through SPTE and into Strathclyde's Buses and took his share money and ran as First took over Glasgow's municipal bus operations. This upbringing together with the considerable time spent in East Anglia meant that Eastern Counties and Great Yarmouth Transport became a massive interest for me and much to my parents' chagrin I seemed to prefer spending my time at Caister Road or St. Peter's Road watching the constant coming and going of the buses to and from the depots but all the time without a decent camera.

The point is that your wonderful site allows me to keep up to date all year round and a recent post on the blue Routemaster reminded me of some photos that I took in 2007 when both of Caister Road's Routemasters were frequently deployed on the 3 during the high season.'

My thanks to Leon for taking the time to email us with his photos. The second and third photo appear to have been taken through the windows of the Market Gates Shopping Centre prior to its extension. They both also feature Ambassador Travel's Leyland Greenway PJT267R which was especially branded as the ASDA Free Shuttle service

Thanks for the comments Leon and we are pleased to know that we keep you up to date with local activity


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