Thursday 1 July 2021

Shearings with a Difference

An unusual vehicle noted in the new Shearings livery in Great Yarmouth yesterday in the shape of Volvo B11R BU69XYO.

The Coach has an MCV EvoTor body and is operated by Skills of Nottingham, something very different to the old Shearings Mercedes and Plaxton bodies of old!

The Shearings name is now part of the Leger Group of companies.

Many Thanks to Chris Dugdell for use of his photo.



  1. The body manufacturer is MCV not Evobus, which is the corporate marketing brand for the owners of Mercedes bus & Setra. Similarly MCV build the EvoRa bodies on the Sanders Volvos just delivered, the MCV double decker being called EvoSeti. The Evo in the model names derives from the Evolution which was the previous body model from MCV which really established them in the UK market after they took over the successor to Marshall, the second part (Ra, Tor & Seti) is from ancient Egyptian gods reflecting the Egyptian heritage of the country where MCV are based & the bodies are now built.

  2. Many thanks for the information