Friday 17 November 2023

Ambassador Solo Scrapped

Jamie Skinner has brought to my attention that an Ambassador Travel bus has been sent for scrap at a nearby scrap metal and vehicle recyclers. It featured in an advertisement on the G&A Car Spares Facebook page

Optare Solo M850 601 MX54 KYA has been moved from its James Watt Close, Gapton Hall Estate premises to the G&A Car Spares site at Vanguard Road on the same estate in Great Yarmouth. The bus, which was reported on Bus Times as last working in February last year, had recently been taken out of service to provide spares for similar members in the fleet.

The photo shows MX54 KYA in Gorleston's Baker Street on the short lived 607 route between the Morrison's store and Lowestoft Bus Station in February 2014.

My thanks to Jamie for the heads up.


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