Friday 12 April 2024

BorderBus First!

It's been a little quiet on the blog over the past few days as I have spent time away with family in Gloucestershire. However, I will post the information I have previously received retrospectively following today's report

Yesterday I received information that a former First Great Yarmouth double decker was residing at the BorderBus premises in Beccles. It was identified as Volvo B7TL /Wright Eclipse Gemini 37022 YJ06 XKL still in its Coastal Red colours.

I contacted Andrew Pursey at BorderBus who tells me that they had purchased another Scania double decker from Ensign which should have been delivered this week to go into to service on the 15th April. This would release a single decker for use on the revised 521 service. However, Ensign was unable to get the vehicle through its MOT in time so sent the ex First Yarmouth vehicle as an interim replacement.

The Scania OmniCity is still at Ensign and has already been repainted into BorderBus livery. It has been identified as LX59 CNO; similar models are already in the fleet.

My thanks to Andrew for the information and photos of the Scania fresh from repaint.


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