Saturday, 5 March 2011

Service 2 'Still Not Running To Time' Claim

A Gorleston resident has written to the local newspaper, the Great Yarmouth Mercury, asking about the punctuality (or otherwise) of First Eastern Counties Service 2

"ONCE again the Number 2 buses are still not running on time. I waited one hour in the week for it to come to go into town. This was on Trinity Avenue, Gorleston. Many times we have waited and it doesn’t show up at all.
Knowing there are a lot of older people waiting in the cold is very unfair. They always seem to miss a bus out. If you say anything to the driver they just say it’s not their fault. Now I hear they might even take the 2 off all together.
How are the older people going to walk up to the bus on Middleton Road in the winter. Is this another so-called cut of this government?"

I, too, waited for the 13.30 service 2 from the James Paget Hospital to Great Yarmouth on the 1st March and that didn't arrive either - this may have been the same working that the writer complained about! First Eastern Counties has already registered to amend the route and timetable of service1/2 from 27th March 2011

However, the 13.30 working did take place to days later on Thursday (3rd) and is seen shortly after arrival at Market Gates with Dart SLF 43478 (R478CAH).

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