Friday, 24 June 2011

Wroxham Workings

With an hour to spare in Wroxham yesterday afternoon, I decided to observe bus activity in the area. I had remembered from a previous visit, that all services went along Norwich Road, so I positioned myself outside the infamous Roys Stores close to the crossing to take my pictures.

However, I was caught napping when Anglianbus Scania 416 R81EMB approached from the Norwich direction and turned down Station Road on route 23. This resulted in a mad dash to get a photo whilst its passengers were alighting but it wasn't a good one. I needn't have been too disappointed as 416 made a loop of the store along Neweys Way for its return to Norwich. She is pictured here in Norwich Road picking up passengers.

Shortly after, Neaves' DAF YJ03PKF followed in the same direction on service 36 also destined for the 'fine city'. 

Just before the rains came, Norse 7119 Y335YUT headed in the same direction - presumably heading back to base.

When the rain did arrive, I was fortunate in getting a picture of two First Eastern Counties Scanias both on service 12 working in opposite directions. What was more unusual was that they were only one fleetnumber apart; 65565 S565TPW was destined for Staham whilst 65566 S566TPW was on its way to Norwich.


  1. Good shots Roy as always, but I'm interested to know why do you describe Roys as "infamous"?

  2. Apart from being the largest village store in England my grandchildren think its named after me!! Thanks for the encouraging comments