Thursday 15 March 2012

And Then There Were Four....

National Holidays NH09PRH sandwiched between Shearings
223 (BF10VCT) and  804 (MX06AKU) at Beach Coach Station
earlier today
Following an earlier blog post relating to the appearance of six Shearings Group coaches at the Beach Coach Station, I decided to make a visit late this afternoon to see if I could witness their return following their outings today.

However, I only saw the arrival of four of them - Shearings' 223 (BF10VCT), 321 (BK11CPX) and 804 (MX06AKU) plus the solitary National Holidays NH09PRH.
Pristine looking Shearings Setra 321 (BK11CPX)

It is not known whether the other two of the National Holidays' fleet had returned home or were late back from their day trips.

Anyway it provides me with an opportunity to upload pictures of the four that were there!

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