Sunday 1 December 2013

First East of England Fleetlist

As an early Christmas present to eastnorfolkbus blog readers, I am pleased to bring you the latest fleet list for First East of England which also includes up to date allocations

The information has been provided by Syd Eade who tells me that Lowestoft's ALX400 32656 AU05MVA is heading for Ipswich either this evening or maybe tomorrow morning, so is listed as such. It is currently awaiting collection. Sister 32655 AU05MUY is also expected to follow shortly

32654 AU05MVA at Beccles on Saturday on the X2 to Norwich
Likewise Paragon 20515 WV02EUR is shown allocated to Lowestoft but is still at Great Yarmouth. It should be assisting with Bernard Matthews contracts but only sister 20514 WV02EUP has appeared on them so far.

The full fleetlist can be viewed HERE and my thanks to Syd for making it available and to Steve W for the photo

Steve has set up his own bus and train blog which can be viewed here


  1. Hiya, just a couple extra updates for the sheet:
    60864 R642CVR listed is the vehicle that spectacularly caught fire a few months ago on the A130 so I doubt exists anymore.
    60866 R644CVR not listed is allocated to Basildon, seemingly a replacement for the above.

  2. Thanks for that information and the spreadsheet will be updated in due course