Monday, 28 April 2014

Another North Norfolk Adventure

Konect's Norfolk Coaster open topper R739XRV at Muckleburgh
Following Grahame Bessey's report on the Konectbus open topper operating in North Norfolk Syd Eade offers his experience on his trip on it

'I also visited North Norfolk to ride on the Konect open topper on Thursday the 24th. You may like a couple of the photos to add to your item on ENBB as it wasn't such bad weather, although not the few passengers on board left at
Syd's photo illustrates the point concerning the low bridge between
Sheringham and Weybourne
Sheringham, so the run to and from Muckleburgh was a special just for us. That low bridge would concern me though as any standing passenger would strike it.

The North Norfolk Railway were running their DMU so a chance was taken to have a ride on that, which included the NRMs power car 51192 which ended its days in the Manchester area, but in 1988 was running from Norwich to Lowestoft 

Power car 51192 at Holt on the North Norfolk Railway awaiting its next duty
and Great Yarmouth. A true local unit then. 

My only disappointment was when a steam saddle tank engine (Ring Haw) was attached for the next journey and the diesel engines shut down, I left. Surely after paying £22 for a Rover for two to ride on a booked Diesel service it should not then be steam hauled.!  I have found this 'Steam Is The Only True Motive Power' attitude on other preserved railways, they just cant imagine that a visitor would enjoy a Diesel, especially a DMU!

Congratulations for topping the 1000 blog entries'

Many thanks for the report and photos Syd. I certainly wasn't aware of the local connection with the diesel multiple unit 

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