Saturday 13 September 2014

Evening in Torquay

Stagecoach Southwest Enviro400 YN63BXA not in service
A couple of sightings to report from Torquay tonight where Stagecoach Southwest operates most of the services

After making our way to the seafront, we crossed the main road and observed Stagecoach Southwest Gold liveried Scania N230UD Enviro400 15932 YN63BXA heading towards us running out of service

There are two videos
Dart 34873 WA06NNG at The Strand
on YouTube of 15932 in service late last year, including one of her inaugural run

After a meal, we decided to work the calories off by walking around the yacht marina where another Stagecoach Devon bus was stationery opposite Debenhams awaiting its next duty.

It was Dart 34873 WA06HNG which was parked up at The Strand beside the quayside and there are also two videos of this single decker in action on YouTube as well

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