Thursday 4 September 2014

Throw Back Thursday ~ Dominators

First 30011 F141MBC at Market Gates in May 2004
My report on the former China Motor Bus Leyland Olympians in service in Great Yarmouth prompted Jim Long to look through his archives and came up with photos of two Dennis Dominators operating in the Great Yarmouth area

Jim reminisces ...
'I remember hurrying to get a photo of these Dominators as they
30016 F296PTP at the James Paget Hospital on the same day
were close to being withdrawn. I don't think they would last any longer than 18 months and these were the nearest thing to a VR but with an East Lanc's bodywork. 

They were very similar to Great Yarmouth's E40/41OAH, although I think they were a bit taller because of their horizontal engine in mid-ships.

I rode on the two different types - 30011 and 30016 being the buses concerned and pictures are attached. The black smoke when pulling away was typical of a Cummins L10 with a Voith box which made them sound different

30016  had a Gardner 6LXB180 engine which was rare for First Eastern Counties and it also had a Voith box. Sadly those days have gone now - with those 'Ollies' gone as well'

30011 had a H46/33F bodywork configuration and was new to Leicester in April 1989 whilst 30016 was H45/31F and new to Southampton in January of that year

My thanks to Jim for the report and photos

Jamie Skinner subsequently directed me to a photo showing F141MBC in use with Leicester City Bus during August 1989 which can be viewed by clicking HERE.   Many thanks Jamie

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