Thursday, 28 April 2016

34110 Interim Report

Colin Thorne contacted me last night with more on the restoration of former First Eastern Counties Volvo Olympian 34110 W437CWX

He visited Great Yeldham yesterday to fit six legal tyres on 34110 - the previous ones were a stop gap measure so that the originals could be returned to First

You may remember in Colin's previous report, earlier this month, that whilst moving the decker there was a massive bang at the front.
The front nearside road spring snapped and this can viewed in the photo above

Moving towards the rear of the vehicle, the next photo shows part of the chassis that's normally hiding behind the rear wheels.

Colin tells me 'The hole in the middle is meant to be there but the one on the right isn't! It's the same on both sides'.

He continues 'That is not the full story by any stretch, but it does at least add a visual side to the list previously supplied'.

,Again work in progress with much more to do. My thanks to Colin for his report and photos


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