Thursday, 7 April 2016

First Great Yarmouth & Lowestoft Changes

I normally wait for the fortnightly Traffic Commissioner's Notices & Proceedings Report to post changes to services proposed in our local area. However, today VOSA has details of changes to services planned by First Eastern Counties in the Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft areas. The changes are effective from May 29th 2016

Service 1/1A/1B
Route, stopping places and timetable are amended. The 1/1A will now run as a faster service between Martham and Yarmouth via the main road and omitting parts of Caister (see routed 4). The 1B will operate in the summer months only between Beach Road, Hemsby and Great Yarmouth - partially replacing the 3

Service 2
This service will now operate between Market Gates and Barrack Estate only. Frequencies of up to every 10 mins Mondays to Saturdays and hourly on Sundays. The remaining section of the route will be served by new Service 9.

Service 3
This seasonal summer service is cancelled between Hemsby and Great Yarmouth and is being replaced by a new route starting from Vauxhall Holiday Park and operating via Seashore Holiday Park and Great Yarmouth Rail Station.

Service 4
The route, stopping places and timetable of this service is amended and will now only serve the Caister - Market Gates section, The Barrack Estate portion is served by a more frequent service 2 as already mentioned. It will also be re-routed in Caister to serve the sections of the route formerly part of the 1/1A

Service 5
This Burgh Castle service has timetable changes but no alterations to route.

Service 6/6B/7
The route and frequency of the 6 remains unchanged although the 6B is a peak journey which continues on  to Belton after serving Bradwell. The major change is to the 7, which will now only operate evenings and Sundays.

Service 8/8A/8B
The route, stopping places and timetable are amended plus it will no longer serve the Cliff Park Estate thereby providing faster journeys between JPH and Great Yarmouth.

Service 9
This is a new service replacing the 2 between Market Gates and JPH. It will also operate via Cliff Park and Shrublands Estate.

Service X11
A new service X11 will replace the X1 shorts that terminate at JPH and will operate between Norwich - Great Yarmouth - Gorleston - JPH and Belton! It runs half hourly from Belton via the new link road to the JPH thereby providing the village with a direct service to the JPH and Norwich. There are also timetable changes to the X1 to link in with the X11.

In Lowestoft there are timetable alterations to the X2 which will hopefully eliminate the convoy running with the X22, Most notably the 99 is going to extend one its buses hourly from Kessingland to Southwold. Initially this is for this summers only and is subject to change depending on patronage.

Many thanks to Chris Speed and SteveW for assisting in the compilation of this post


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  1. Will the X1 ever be restored to its route (Lowestoft to Peterborough )