Sunday, 19 June 2016

Blog On Tour ~ Portland

After a couple of days travelling through areas with limited or no bus activity, we have now crossed the state border from Washington into Oregon and briefly visited downtown Portland this morning

Unit 235 on a Green Line service to Clackamas
The major public transit company in the city is TriMet, formerly known as the Tri-County Metropolitan Transit District of Oregon (bit of a mouthful!) which provides bus, light rail and commuter transit services in the area

123 arriving at Pioneer Square with a Green Line service to Clackamas
The accompanying photos provide a flavour of the light rail operations around Pioneer Square where all the services pass through. As with routes in many city, each line is allotted a different colour to help its passengers quickly identify the service. However, you wouldn't readily identify the route unless you faced the front/rear of the unit which displays a colour light in the top of the screen

Unit 207 on the red line service to Beaverton
Further details of the TriMet network and services operated can be viewed HERE


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