Sunday 26 June 2016

Service Alterations Registered ~ 22nd June 2016

As you will probably have guessed, I am back from my trip to the west coast of the USA and will be posting about our San Francisco experience later in the week

I would like to thank Grahame for holding the fort and for his contributions to the blog whilst I have been away; his tribute to Jim Long couldn't have been an easy one for him to write

In my absence, the East of England Traffic Commissioner issued his latest Notices and Proceedings Report last Wednesday, so here's the main points as far as it affects local service operations

Registration of New Services
Konect Bus is to introduce a new Monday to Saturday service between Caister on Sea and Norwich Bus Station from 24th July 2016. The new number 7 route will run via Great Yarmouth Market Gates and Norwich Postwick Park & Ride 

Applications to Vary Existing Services
Anglian Gas Bus 108 AU62DWG unusually operates the 81 service in Great Yarmouth on 9th February 2016Anglian Bus is to alter the timetables of the following from 24th July 2016:-
7A Blofield Heath to Great Yarmouth College
60H Beccles to Halesworth
60S Beccles to Southwold
83 Harleston to Norwich
84 Harleston to Norwich Bus Station
82/82A Beccles town services 
Konect Bus is to amend the route, stopping places and timetable of its 71 route between Wroxham and Great Yarmouth from 24th July 2016

Applications to Vary Existing Services Granted Under Short Notice
Sanders Coaches has changed the route and timetable of its X11/10 service between Happisburgh Post Office and Norwich High School from 6th June 2016

Decisions Taken at Public Inquiries
Freight Rover Sherpa ersalz char-a-banc operated by Olde Norwich Tour
Fred Agombar, operator of the Olde Norwich Tour with a Freight Rover Sherpa (right), was requested to attend a Public Inquiry at the offices of the Traffic Commissioners on the 9th June 2016. There it was determined that the licence would be revoked with effect from 23:59hrs on 23 June 2016. It is understood that the business had recently been advertised for sale

The complete Notice & Proceedings Report, covering the whole of the Eastern Traffic Commissioner's Area, can be viewed HERE


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  1. The Ollerton Freight Rover Sherpa E655 VND was being advertised for sale in Bus & Coach Buyer in late Feb 2017 for £9995