Monday 2 April 2018

Plymouth Buses for Norfolk?

I understand that Plymouth Citybus have a number of their Mercedes-Benz Citaros going on loan to Konectbus in the near future. Their intended use is for the Neatherd High School routes on schooldays and they may also be found on other routes during the weekends and bank holidays.

Another Plymouth bus heading to the Norfolk operator on loan is an Alexander Dennis E400 for use on the 5 series routes.

My thanks to John Helliwell for the fake news!! - see the comments below



  1. after speaking to our MD ( plymouth citybus ) of which i am a driver and enthusiast, he is unaware of any of his fleet going to konectbus!! was this a late april fools?

  2. Michael - I questioned my source suggesting that it was very fortuitous that the information arrived just before April 1st. He says, and i quote, 'No I have word of that from Citybus themselves. The fact I found out today was pure coincidence' However, I am still very suspicious of the truth of 'the news' and hence the reason for the '?' in the post title and the purposely 'delayed' posting. I think you have confirmed my suspicions!! There will, therefore, be no further postings from this source.