Saturday 28 April 2018

Where are they now V877HBY

Mark Doggett has been out and about with his camera and came across an old FEC vehicle now plying its trade in Kent.

V877HBY was new to First London (Capital Citybus) as TN877 in 1999. It was renumbered 32877 in 2003 and then passed to First Eastern Counties in 2008. It then moved on to First Essex in 2010 and then on again to First Midland Red in 2012. When Sold by First it passed to Bus Stop, Gravesend before moving on to its current owners Brian Jones Coaches also based in Gravesend.

I managed to photograph her in Castle Meadow, Norwich back in September 2009 when the influx of ex First London Tridents and Volvo's was well underway with FEC.

Thanks to Mark for the photo and the find!


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