Sunday 7 March 2021

Lockdown Look Back Kings Lynn 2002

Been a while since we had a look back through my Photo Collection, Roy's Friday Flashbacks continue to bring back some memories of vehicles gone by so i thought i would journey back to a Saturday in November 2002 and a drive up to Kings Lynn. I always enjoy Lynn for Photos as it has a few good spots and plenty of variety.

Eastern Counties gained a batch of Leyland Olympians from Strathclyde in 1998 and 99 KGG159Y is seen above in the Bus Station working the local 410 service. These ventured to a few FEC depots in their time including Norwich, Ipswich and Bury St. Edmunds.

Fowlers of Holbeach operated the 505 between Kings Lynn and Spalding in 2002, a route that has continued to this day through various operators, Stagecoach East Midlands now have vehicles allocated to the route run from their Long Sutton Outstation, the vehicles are maintained at Skegness. 

F259CEW, A Scania N113DRB with Alexander bodywork and was new to Fowlers in November 1989.

Norfolk Green ran a lot of routes around Kings Lynn as a private company before being taken over by Stagecoach. Sadly the name no longer exists but a fleet of varied vehicles was operated over the years beginning with Coaches. The stalwart of the fleet for a number of years was the Optare Solo, AP02XOD was new in 2002 and seen here at the Bus Station. There is a twist to this photo as the registration was incorrect, it should have been AP02XOO. Below it is seen in 2014 under Stagecoach ownership wearing the correct plate.

First continued to operate local services in Kings Lynn until June 2016 before passing routes to Norfolk Green. First's Excel service between Norwich and Peterborough continues to serve the town.

2002 saw the introduction of the Volvo B12/Plaxton Paragon fleet of coaches for use on the X94 service (Now Excel) Numbered 200-209. 204 AO02RCU is pictured above on an unusual working, local service 411.

Finally a photo which is not one of mine but taken by Graham Smith, Norfolk Green had this ex Arriva Meterobus GYE372W on hire from Ensignbus, New to London Transport in 1980. 3 others were also noted in use, KYO622/625X and KYV805X. It was later purchased and did receive Norfolk Green livery.

Hope you enjoyed this brief piece of Nostalgia, hopefully i can produce a few more for you.

Thanks to John for the current Route 505 information .

Stay Safe, Grahame.

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