Thursday, 28 April 2022

Another Open Top Arrival and New Registrations Revealed

The Fifth Open Top Vehicle for the 2022 Summer season in Great Yarmouth arrived at Caister Road Depot this afternoon after its conversion at Thorntons Bus Refurbishment in the North East.

37057 YJ06XMH was transferred from First Bradford and chosen for conversion along with sister 37059 YJ06XML. The latter being the last of the 3 new arrivals due for this summer.

With many thanks to Chris Speed at first we can exclusively reveal the full list of OpenToppers for 2022 complete with all their cherished registrations they have/will be given.

32905 CRZ166  Ex. W905VLN

32348 CRZ266  Ex. LK53LZL

37000 CRZ366  Ex. LK53AYY

32336 CRZ488  Ex. LK53LYW

37057 CRZ599  Ex. YJ06XMH

37059 CRZ622  Ex. YJ06XML 


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