Sunday 16 October 2022

Banana Buggy to Live On

Further to our recent post regarding the appearance of former Flying Banana Freight Rover Minibus D70TLV we can reveal that it has now been purchased by enthusiast Jamie Vendy. Jamie has added the vehicle to his growing fleet as part of the Eastern Counties Bus Preservation group.

The Carlyle bodied Freight Rover Sherpa was new to North Western with Flying Banana acquiring it from Brian Isaac of Morriston, Swansea in 1993. It was later converted into an open top as a 'Banana Buggy'

Jamie has informed me in his own words "It may need to see a doctor!" So sounds like a long and busy process to get it back to its former glory!

He has also asked if any blog readers has the Flying Banana Deck Chair logo in their collections anywhere please.

Now safely undercover it will live on alongside other Eastern based veterans. We will of course keep you updated on its progress.

Thanks to Jamie for the Photos and Info.



  1. Hi Jamie did you know hunts of Alford have a open top Sherpa that they don’t use just parked up In the garage would you be interested in it if they still have it I ring him tommorow it used to belong to a man that used to run a service from Sutton on sea to mablethorpe

  2. EastNorfolkBus8 July 2023 at 11:52

    I have made Jamie aware and this is his response
    “Please send my details on to them