Tuesday 4 October 2022

Norwich Arrivals Photo Special

As you are all aware by now FEC is undergoing a large fleet update and Norwich has seen some new arrivals over the past couple of weeks along with a new look for a current fleet member.

A batch of Volvo B7RLE/Wright Eclipse have been transferred from First Wessex, some are for Ipswich whilst others have appeared in service in the city still wearing the colours of their old employers. 69544 BF12KWD is pictured in Red Lion Street working the 23A service.

Another B7RLE to arrive is 69548 BF12KWJ, seen here heading for Castle Meadow on the 28 service

A nice surprise was to see 69553 BF12KWM appear in Eastern Counties heritage colours, a livery which does suit the B7RLE in my opinion very well! It carries fleet number VW553.

On the subject of heritage colours, another vehicle has also gained Eastern Counties livery in the shape of Volvo B9TL/Wright Gemini 36183 BN12JYF.

Pictured in the sunshine at Vulcan Road Depot is the new VW183 looking superb in its new colours.

Finally another B7RLE arrival yet to hit the road is 69550 BF12KWO, seen below at Roundtree Way awaiting preparation.

Many Thanks to Mark Doggett for use of his excellent photos as always.


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