Tuesday 6 December 2022

Red Peppa

Former Eastern Counties Enviro 200 Dart 44928 EU08FHB which recently transferred to First Cymru has been given a makeover for its new owners and now wears the Red livery similar to Great Yarmouth & Lowestoft's Coastal Reds branding which is for local Swansea services.

44928 was purchased by FEC in May 2013 from Ensignbus and began life in Lowestoft.

Early 2016 saw it move down to Ipswich where it gained the Grey fronted livery for the town's fleet at the time.

Its final workings with FEC saw it move to Norwich for use on Pink Line services and it and sister RT09JPT became known as Peppa's with reference to the Pink cartoon character Peppa Pig!

Pictured in Norwich in May 2021 in Castle Meadow heading for Eaton Park.

44928 moved to Wales in November 2022.

Many Thanks to Joshua Temple & Sam Larke for their photos in this post.


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