Monday 27 March 2023

Mulleys' New Deckers

Mulleys of Ixworth, near Bury St Edmunds, have recently purchased two brand new double deckers thereby upgrading its fleet. Being Switch Metrodekkers, they are the first of the type permanently based in the region, although BorderBus had one on loan.

The two Metrodekkas on arrival
Both vehicles have new 2023 plates being registered YJ23 EKO and YJ23 EKN and arrived at Mulleys around lunchtime on Thursday.

The lower deck of one of the Metrodekkas
Switch was formerly known as Optare with parent company Ashok Leyland rebranding the bus manufacturer to Switch Mobility in December 2020.

The upper deck of the one of the Metrodekkas
My thanks to Omar Atiallah for the information plus the photos and to Mulleys for permission to publish



  1. Wonder if Beestons will be getting some at some point as they did say 2 new dekkas are coming this year for the 91 route

  2. I wonder if these are the two remaining examples from the cancelled Reading order (chassis numbers 340050/51)? Two went to Johnsons (and then onto Diamond), one went to Centaur, Crayford (and then onto Trustybus), and then it went quiet. Certainly the high-spec interior suggests they could be.