Sunday 19 March 2023

First Essex Latest

Adam Roggerman sends us news of the latest activity in First Essex. First Hadleigh has started to introduce new Wright StreetLites into service namely 63454-60/64 MC72 UXS-Y/UYD. Here is 63457 MC72 UXV on the 22 Canvey to Basildon service operated by Hadleigh.

Also starting to appear are the ex-Southampton StreetLites with eleven now based at Chelmsford depot. They are 47597-602/4-8 SN14 FEX/FFA/C-E/G/J-M/O and are being (or to be) painted at Marden's Commercials. The attached photo shows 47601 SN14 FFE with Shuttles branding on its way to Southend.

One of the latest transfers to Basildon is Streetlite 47595 SN14 FEU, which was transferred following the closure of Southampton's Empress Road depot. The saloon has been repainted into Essex Bus green and was being used on Pitsea services B4 and B5. Similar 47596 SN14 FEV has now gone for repaint into green.

My thanks to Adam for the supply of information and photos. Unfortunately his emails arrived in my spam inbox thereby delaying the publication of this post.


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