Friday 31 March 2023

Open Top Road Testing

First Great Yarmouth's open top buses have to be road tested before they can enter service with 37000 CRZ 366 and 37057 CRZ599 both out for that purpose yesterday. 37000's testing run to Lowestoft and back certainly turned a few heads yesterday. Two others were having their tests today.

Four vehicles have already been scheduled for the first day of service on Sunday and they are 37000 CRZ 366, 32336 CRZ 488, 37057 CRZ 599 and 37059 CRZ 622. Of the remaining two, 32348 CRZ 266 is awaiting window repairs whilst newcomer 37533 CRZ 166 is currently over the pits.

My thanks to First Great Yarmouth for the information and we are hoping for some dry weather for Sunday!


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