Tuesday 20 February 2024

End Of The Road For Welsh's Coaches

Another long established coach operator is calling it a day after some 57 years of trading. The business was established following the current owner's parents winning the football pools in September 1964!

His father worked for a coach operator doing some occasional driving and in 1967 he set up Welsh’s Taxi and Private Hire Service, running taxis at the weekends. The West Yorkshire-based business prospered and a year later a Ford Transit minibus was acquired leading to the established operator of today.

Over the last twelve months there has been at least two members of the small Welsh's Coaches fleet visiting Great Yarmouth - laying over at the town's Beach Coach Station. The first photo shows VDL Futura W25 HOL in May 2023 whilst the second features Mercedes-Benz Tourismo W6 HOL as a more recent visitor in November last.

It is expected that the operator will close in June.


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