Saturday 10 February 2024

Norwich Bus Station Disruption

Regular correspondent David Slater visited 'Norwich yesterday and saw that there were some road works going on at the top end of the bus station meaning that when arriving the buses and coaches cannot enter the bus station from Queens Road. They can however still leave by this road. I have no idea how long the work has been going on or how long it will last.

Having regularly watched and photographed the Megabus coaches running non-stop on the A11 at Barton Mills for quite a while, I had often thought about a ride on one. So yesterday I made a trip from Cambridge to Norwich and back (1055 ex Cambridge/1405 ex Norwich).

The coach was Prospect Coaches PR19 STU, an Irizar i6 integral new in June 2019, and is seen in the photo of same in the bus station along with the road closure barriers etc.'

My thanks to David for his contribution and photo


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