Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Whilst I Was Away ...

For the sake of completeness, I am providing an update on local activity occurring whilst I was away from the blog and very much engrossed in lounge decoration!

First 43863 EG52FFK in Bradwell returning to Great Yarmouth on the 7 from  Belton on 12th August 
The main items to report is the return of a couple of First saloons to Caister Road. Ex Jersey Dart SLF 43863 EG52FFK has arrived from Lowestoft whilst Norwich have repatriated Dart 42921 EU05AUN albeit after receiving a version of the Olympia livery. This version is to be amended soon and it is expected that the other First Essex exiles are soon to receive the same treatment

The three active Volvo Olympians continue to give regular sterling service with correspondents continuing to provide many photos of them in active service!

Olympian 34114 W434CWX  in Regent Road just after leaving Market Gates on 14th August
Tim Miller provides the above Olympian photo and Jamie Skinner has posted three videos on his Youtube channel of 34108 on its way from Gorleston to Great Yarmouth. His channel can be found by clicking HERE. However, as I compile this post I am receiving reports that 34114 failed yesterday although Cameron Robinson confirms it is back in service on the 8s this morning

An Ipswich decker photobombs the picture of Our Bus Mercedes SF54OUY!
Our Bus has commenced its seasonal seafront service with Jamie also sending this picture of its regular bus, SF54OUY, turning at Britannia Pier. However, if you look into the background you can clearly see one of Ipswich Buses deckers turning in front of the Hollywood Cinema on its day trip to Great Yarmouth on the 14th August

My thanks to the blog's loyal band of supporters, including Jamie and Tim, who have kept me up to date with reports whilst I have been otherwise engaged!


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