Saturday, 29 August 2015

First Local Update

I set aside the afternoon to capture some images for this report based on recent information I had obtained on First Great Yarmouth's future movements

Some forty five minutes passed and I was beginning to think I had wasted my time. Then, as always, two of the buses arrived almost at once. The first photo is of former Jersey Dart 43863 EG52FFK bound for Burgh Castle. Both 43863 and 43861 (EG52FJA) will be placed in store at Caister Road tomorrow.

Other buses in the news are the Volvo Olympians with two of the three active deckers to bow out of service today and are to be placed
in the reserve fleet for storage in the rear yard. It has been confirmed that both 34108 W435CWX and 34114 W434CWX will be the two concerned although they were still active on the 8s between Caister and the James Paget Hospital this afternoon. This leaves 34111 W431CWX remaining in service

Another decker on the move is Great Yarmouth's Gemini 37579 AU58EDK which should go to Lowestoft tomorrow. Coincidently the Volvo was operating to Lowestoft on the 1 this afternoon as shown in the above photo

As already reported, a recent transfer in from Norwich has been former Essex Dart 42921 EU05AUN and there has been speculation that its move may be temporary. However, the recent application of an all over rear advert for Great Yarmouth College appears to scotch that rumour!


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