Saturday 22 August 2015

London By The Sea

At lunchtime today I received a tweet from fellow blogger Cameron Robinson
'I've just seen a London Red liveried Gemini pass me on the A47. It had people on it so I assume its some kind of excursion'
So earlier this afternoon I set out to find it and thought the favourite location would be Beach Coach Station

On my arrival I could see no immediate evidence of its presence from the north end of the site but I immediately came across Panther Travel's Dennis Javelin/UVG BIG8796 alongside DJ Coaches decker YJ14CDF. The former was with Our Bus as their P653ORV, whilst the Van Hool Astromega was new to the Gravesend company in March last year

Continuing along the front row there was a surprise in the form of Brighton & Hove Irizar Century bodied Scania 503 YR58RUH. This is not its first appearance here as Tim Miller reported its presence on the 13th March this year

Another decker which made an appearance was brightly coloured Barfordian Neoplan Skyliner YR02OUB keeping company with similarly owned Bova VUD483 The latter was new to the Bedford company as YJ55EYY in September 2005

Hiding behind them was the 'London Red Gemini' which was Arriva London's DW50 with its LJ53NGV registration. The Wright bodied DAF was new in November 2003 and was quite a distance from its usual haunts in the capital city but enjoying a day at the seaside.

The latter made the hobble around the coach park all worthwhile, as its not every day you see a London decker in Great Yarmouth! Thanks for the heads up Cameron


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