Thursday, 26 April 2018

Bumper Crop!

A large number of coaches appeared to be in Great Yarmouth early this morning with at least a dozen being observed in my tour around the usual spots

First up was Van Hool TX16 BT62KHF which was noted at the Hotel Victoria working for the Opal Travel Group. The TX16 was new to Harry Shaw as 1KOV in September 2012.

Next on the itinerary was Marine Parade where I expected to observe some Shearings /National Holidays coaches but there were none to be seen! There was, however, an Ambassador Travel coach YN16UAF in Grand UK Holidays but, on cue, National Holidays Mercedes Benz Tourismo NH15LDH passed it heading for the nearby Royal Hotel.

Another two unidentified National Holidays coaches passed me as I headed for the coach station where there was another Grand UK Holidays branded vehicle in the form of Olympia Travel's Irizar i6 integral YN15YTT

Also at the coach station was Alfa Travel's Mercedes Benz Tourismo 81 BX14LCK having a later start.

Retracing my steps I discovered two Shearings' coaches on North Drive. They were Setras 312 BK11COH and 515 BU13ZTG

Two different tourers appeared outside the New Beach Hotel on the two occasions I passed it. Laying up overnight was AVA Coach.Com's Van Hool Alizee bodied Volvo B12B F5AVA, new to Lakeland Coaches as YJ08NSU.

The later one arriving at the hotel, to pick up passengers, was James Cooper & Son's Scania K340EB6 / Irizar PB YN07EYG


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