Tuesday 4 December 2012

More AnglianBus MAN/EcoCity Pictures

As expected, I received a deluge of pictures showing AnglianBus' new MAN/EcoCity vehicles in service on the new 146 route between Lowestoft and Norwich yesterday

The weather was not that conducive to good photos early on, but later in the morning the sun appeared for a brief moment

Grahame Bessey sent a few pictures and the
best one is that of 606 WX62HFU travelling along Carlton Road, Lowestoft during one of those sunny intervals

Syd Eade also got in on the act too and sent me this one of 603 WX62HHF pictured on Ashburnham Way also in Lowestoft

Not to be outdone, Neil Chilvers sent this offering of 601
WX62HHP taken at Hollow Grove in Carlton Colville.

For the record, the fleet numbers and registrations of the first six currently in service are as follows:-

601  WX62HHP
602  WX62HGU
603  WX62HHF
604  WX62HHE
605  WX62HGG
606  WX62HFU

Finally my thanks to Grahame, Syd and Neil for their photos and all are copyrighted to their respective owner


  1. Thanks for the updates Roy. What's the seating capacity on these? I must admit I'm not keen on the contravision part of the livery. Some branded buses here are totally covered (except for the driver's view naturally).

  2. These are 43 seaters Mick - apologies for late response!