Wednesday, 1 May 2013

First Arrivals from Jersey!

Grahame Bessey reports the arrival of three former Jersey Dart SLFs at First's Caister Road depot from Ensign yesterday evening.

The Caetano bodied Darts previously worked for Connex Jersey where they arrived new in 2002

All three are here for preparation work prior to entering service; although its it is not clear at present as to which depot they are destined for

The three are all in the refreshed First livery and have been re-registered EG52FFL, EG52FFZ  and EG52FGE. They await official lettering to be applied although fleet numbers are not yet known.

Ryan captured two of them at the depot last night soon after arrival

Meanwhile, Ryan reports Volvo Olympian 34187 S687AAE has returned to Caister Road for an MOT whilst ALX400 30900 W774DWX has moved to Lowestoft following the successful completion of hers.

My thanks to both Grahame and Ryan

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