Saturday, 18 May 2013

Former Jersey Dart Updates

Two of the ex Jersey Darts 43854 EG52FFZ and 43856 EG52FGD left First's Caister Road at 11.30 this morning on their way to their new home at Clacton

Grahame Bessey captured them on camera inside the depot and also on their departure along Lawn Avenue

So far unreported on the blog is yesterday's arrival of another three of the Jersey exiles bearing registrations EG52FGU, EG52FGK and EG52FFT
This takes the total to twelve having now arrived at the depot with all them being prepped at Great Yarmouth prior to entering service with their respective depots

Meanwhile, the first Great Yarmouth example, 43861 EG52FGJ, was allowed out today; only to suffer the indignity of being towed back to the depot this morning by ASW due to battery problems

My thanks to Grahame for the report and photos which are copyrighted

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