Saturday 25 May 2013

More First Deliveries Due

Gerard Fletcher on his X1 blog reveals a list of further deliveries to the First fleet

Despite its destination screen saying to the contrary, Volvo B9TL
FJ08FYN is on an X1 service to Peterborough on 24th November 2009
His contact at First enlarges on this by identifying the full list of vehicles being acquired as follows :

Enviro 400 SN60CAA (J57156)
Enviro 200 AY08EKT
Enviro 200 EU60LFS (J52083)
Enviro 200 FJ58YSL
Enviro 200 KX57BWF
Volvo B9TL FJ08FYN
Dart MX56HYP
Dart MX56HYO
Dart TBC
Enviro 200 YX08HJF
Enviro 400 VT59JPT

It is noticeable that Volvo B9TL FJ08FYN has been taken back into the fold having been previously used by First Eastern Counties on loan in late November 2009

Also of interest is that Enviro 200 AY08EKT was formerly employed in service by Carters of Capel St Mary, Suffolk

No final decisions have made on the allocations and duties for the incoming vehicles 

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