Friday 7 February 2014

Acle Adventure

ADL Enviro400 SN60CAA at Acle on the 13:35 X1 from Norwich to Great Yarmouth
I met up with fellow blogger SteveW  in Great Yarmouth this afternoon, who informed me that Enviro400 33423 SN60CAA had been let out from First's Caister Road

Having earlier photographed it leaving Market Gates for Norwich on an X1 short, he suggested we should take a trip out to Acle to get a photo of it on the return journey. So we left Market Gates on Anglian Scania 455 to intercept

On the journey along the Acle Straight we talked about the holiday trains to the town and the conversation drifted on to the occasional use of a short set of carriages hauled by a class 47 at either end. I said that the set was in use earlier today and I called up Anglia Gen posts on my mobile and found that the 14:36 from Norwich to Great Yarmouth via Acle was to be loco hauled

DRS 47810 arriving at Acle with the 14:36 Norwich to Great Yarmouth train
For the record 47841 was at the Norwich end
After taking some photos of the Enviro400 we trekked to Acle Station and, after a lengthy wait, the lights from the leading 47 could be seen in the far distance. After recording its arrival we boarded for the journey back to Great Yarmouth - enjoying the luxury surroundings of a First Class carriage

As we were pulling into Great Yarmouth, we observed First Olympian 34187 S687AAE heading out of Great Yarmouth on what was was thought to be a Bernard Mathews contract. This was later confirmed by Jamie Skinner who saw her on William Adams Way in Southtown

After more photos at the station, Steve and I headed back to Market Gates to catch our respective buses home; Steve on an Anglian Gas Bus on the 61 whilst I enjoyed a First Gemini on the 7 route

Thanks again Steve for the company today and his report, which includes a video of the 15:17 train departure to Norwich, can be viewed HERE

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  1. You boys do get about ! Good post there Roy am hoping to get to Vauxhall and get some shots soon but need to be lucky with the weather like the 2 bloggeteers lol !