Friday 21 February 2014

Trident Leaves

The nearside of Trident X386NNO showing the removal of the centre doors
In mid January I reported the arrival of Anglianbus Trident X386NNO at Car & Commercial of Beccles

C&C have subsequently removed the centre doors, rearranged seating and raised the floor ramp to the front of the bus

Regular reporter Tim Miller says the work is now complete and she duly returned to Anglian's Beccles site yesterday

Her future is currently unclear; will she remain in the area or will she transfer elsewhere within the Go Ahead group?


  1. considering anglian "don't have enough money" to repaint the buses, they're doing well to be able to afford reconfigurations!

  2. They've only done the one and are not even keeping it and konect sent the Gemini's away to be done so there is some money somewhere