Wednesday 12 February 2014

Blue Bus to Return?

Chris Speed, Business Manager for First Eastern Counties, tweeted this morning that First is considering the painting of one of the local buses in the old Great Yarmouth 'blue bus' livery

Let's hope that the colour is closer to the original blue - unlike that which adorned a previous Routemaster!

My suggestion that it will probably be applied to one of the two Routemasters appears not to be the case as Chris has contacted me direct to say that it will be one of the more modern vehicles!

My thanks to Chris Speed for the update


  1. Please, please, NOT a Routemaster!

    Oh, and I've got a better idea - paint them all BLUE and ivory.


    Your Grumpy Old Man in North Carolina

  2. Hi Roy.

    I would think that it would be one of the normal fleet,as both Routemasters have been repainted just recently,well in the last 2 years at least,and that is more than the current fleet gets,now what do you suggest,President 32200 batch.

  3. Hi Roy,

    I understand that First wanted to repaint 39480 as it's paintwork is in worse condition than the other Routemaster.


  4. Would be nice to see the mock ups on computer and maybe ask the opinion of the bloggers and the bunters Chris ?

  5. A good livery for the First Ipswich fleet would be to paint passengers on the sides, make them look like they are being used.