Monday, 23 June 2014

Anglianbus Depot Visit

Two of the ex Konect Lolynes 725 W825NNJ and 723 W823NNJ
As referred to in the previous post, I took advantage of a trip out to Anglian's depot at Ellough in Beccles.

All three recently transferred Konect Dennis Trident/ East Lancs Lolynes were there. For the record they were 722 W822NNJ, 723 W823NNJ and 725 W825NNJ still retaining their Konect livery

Inside the workshops
In the works were decker AO57EZM, OmniCity YN03WRJ and Solo AU08GLY
were Scania decker 550 AO57EZM which had just been stripped of its 'Norwich Poringland Bungay Halesworth' branding. Similar 552 had been similarly treated

Also receiving attention were Scania OmniCity 462 YN03WRJ and Solo 959 AU08GLY

Not many gas buses were present as all of Anglian's Sunday services are now worked entirely by them
Former Konect buses - Lolyne 722 W822NNJ and Optare Excel X229WRA

Of interest were the number of vehicles at the far end of the yard due for scrapping; although visitors were told not to take any photos

Amongst them were ex Brighton 711 T811RFG and former Stagecoach London 702 X384NNO and 701 X251NNO. Volvo Olympian 1003 HIL5679 was also present as was Filby fire victim Solo 958 AO57EXA

An interesting trip with my first ride on an Optare Excel in the form of Anglian's 216 W216PRB

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