Thursday, 5 June 2014

Last of the Leicesters Arrive

32059 at Caister Road Depot this afternoon
All seven ex First Leicester ALX400 bodied Volvo B7TLs have now arrived in Great Yarmouth.

The last one 32059 - W219 XBD appeared at Caister Road earlier today

For the record the seven are:
32058 - W218XBD    32059 - W219XBD   32061 - W221XBD    32062 - W422SRP      32063 - W223XBD      32064 - W224XBD      32065 - W425SRP

First Great Yarmouth are also expecting two former Northampton Wright Eclipse bodied Geminis to join the fleet soon

In the meantime, Ryan tells me that Volvo B10BLE 60813 S664RNA has now had its gearbox replaced and should be back in service sometime tomorrow

My thanks to Ryan for the update and photo


  1. Is there not a 32060 in existence then?

  2. 32061 is in ipswich on loan

  3. Thanks Toby for the update. Regarding 32060, I can find no reference in any of the historical fleet lists I have and a search for the registration on the internet reveals nothing. Perhaps someone can enlighten us as to why 32060 doesn't exist? Or does it?