Friday, 30 September 2016

Spruced up Spectra

Earlier this year Stagecoach Norfolk withdrew the remaining Optare Spectra Double deckers in its fleet and one has made its way up to the North West and found a new owner.
YJ51ZVF pictured at Pilkingtons Depot. Photo. Gobbiner

YJ51ZVF was new to Reading Buses as their 722 before being aquired by Norfolk Green at Kings Lynn, it was number 7 in their fleet before being renumbered to 13981 when the company was taken over by Stagecoach. It is seen above in its new livery of Pilkingtons of Accrington in Lancashire.

Pictured by myself at Kings Lynn Bus Station in 2013 

Many Thanks to Gobbiner for the use of the photo, you can view more of his excellent photos on his Flickr site here


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  1. Very interesting on the day a former Ipswich Buses Spectra makes it's way to another Lynn operator.