Tuesday 27 September 2016

X11 Dart!

EU05AUM crosses Haven Bridge on its way to Belton
Kyle Hewett emailed me yesterday evening about an usual working on the X11 service to Belton

He says that 'while walking back to work on my lunch break I crossed over and noticed an unusual bus working the X11 which was none other than a Dennis Dart'.

The X11 is almost exclusively worked by double deckers and the use of  Dart SLF 42920 (EU05AUM) was quite rare

My thanks to Kyle for the photo and taking the time to email it in to me

Subsequent to this post Richard Woods contacted me and suggested 'it may be the case that it was a short run working from Market Gates rather than through from Norwich. I work in Acle and overlook the route, so I see most of the buses out on the road.

Yesterday it had Streetlite 47505 out on an unidentified X1/X11 diagram, along with usual Excel and Barbie liveried DDs. I only saw it heading towards Great Yarmouth, so I must have missed it heading towards the city earlier. I didn’t see the Dart at all, so 47505 may have been operating on the same diagram to cover for shortage/failure?'

Thanks for that Richard and I also suspected the same thing with 42920


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