Saturday 4 February 2017

Saturday Sights

Couple of sightings to report whilst out and about today, firstly was the sight of a Routemaster once again on Great Yarmouth Seafront.
RML 2737 SMK737F on Birthday Hire duties
SMK737F is owned by Bus and Us Ltd of Melton Constable, the company own a fleet of London Routemasters which they hire out and SMK737F joined the fleet in 2015. It was noted along the Golden Mile this afternoon near Britannia Pier in use as transport for a 60th Birthday Celebration.
32059 heading to Martham
Second sighting was a bit closer to home, across the road to be exact!  GYT liveried 32059 W219XBD was on duty to Martham on the 1's today and seen above in Ormesby St Margaret.


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