Thursday 2 February 2017

#TBT Throw Back Thursday ~ Anglian Coaches

Following my enforced tidy up, I have come across another photo which may be of interest. It was taken at Market Gates during June 1984

My apologies for its quality but I thought it worth reproducing as it features Anglian Coaches ECW bodied Bristol RELL6L OWT775M. It was new to West Yorkshire in May1974 and was more recently in use with North Wales independent Silver Star prior to the company going into administration some five years ago

My notes tell me that the then Loddon based operator's OWT775M is about to work the 13:45 Wednesday only 614 service which Eastern Counties lost to Anglian in January 1984. However, they do not go on to explain where the start and finishing points of the 614 route were then, although I am guessing one was at Market Gates! However, I am almost sure that someone could enlighten me about that! (see subsequent comment by austin35van below)



  1. Loddon to Yarmouth via the back roads .

  2. Many thanks for that - suspected that might be the case!