Tuesday 21 August 2018

34 Years Ago Today

Thirty four years ago today, at 5:30 am, a fire took hold of the Fullers Hill premises of Norfolk Motor Services.

Norfolk Motor Services continued to use the Fullers Hill site following the fire
Four coaches were badly affected by the fire and research by Robert Kelly has identified them all as Plaxton bodied Fords. Three of them were R1114 models (UBE616T, DEX623T and SVF510W) with the fourth (CPW139T) being a Ford 1014 which can be viewed here.

The burnt out remains of Plaxton bodied Ford R1114 DEX623T on the forecourt of the Fullers Hill site

SVF510W was later sent to Plaxtons to be rebodied and was later sold on to Anglian Coaches where it stayed until April 2000.

As for Norfolk Motor Services they moved to temporary premises on Southgates Road in the autumn of 1984 and were subsequently sold on to the Diamond Jersey Group which ceased operations in March 1985.

My thanks to Robert for his research which helped in preparing this article 



Colin Oakley on Twitter  recalls a Norfolk Motor Services holiday in 1977 which was based in Dunblane (near Stirling). Night stopped en-route at Shap going out and Newcastle back. Got as far north as Balmoral. Coach was REX580K, Plaxton bodied Ford R226.

Thanks Colin

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