Sunday, 12 August 2018

Something Completely Different ~ Amended

For those who feel they have overdosed on Reynolds Coaches here is something completely different!

During a quick tour around, I found some coaches of interest at Beach Coach Station, the first being Peelings Coaches' Volvo B12B B12FAH. The coach is the second reincarnation of the registration, having been new to Country Lion of Northampton in 2007.

Another 'local' was Norse's Plaxton Prima bodied Dennis Javelin 7182 YM51WDY, but what caught my attention was two NH plates; Essex based Horizon's NH09LRH was a Setra 415GT-HD, previously with National Holidays, whilst similar NH11CTH is still very much with National Holidays.

My final visit was to Caister Road to see what was on the forecourt and one of the First ALX400 bodied Volvo's recently transferred from Greater Manchester was on display. In fact 30961 YJ51RDV still retains the First Greater Manchester fleet name above the entrance. Something I hadn't notice before.

My thanks to Jonathan Joplin for the updated information regarding his B12FAH - these cherished number plates can be a minefield at times!


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