Sunday 24 October 2021

Sanders' Saturday

I received a couple of emails from Leyton Palmer last night to say that he had been out on the buses yesterday and witnessed a couple of unusual occurrences at Great Yarmouth's Market Gates.

Normally the X6, 6 and 6A services between Cromer/ North Walsham and Great Yarmouth are worked by single deckers apart from college day services when early morning and late afternoon workings can be, and are often, worked by double deck buses.

Yesterday, however, he observed two services unexpectedly worked into Great Yarmouth by Scania/Optare Olympus deckers in the form of 120 PN09 ELJ 'Invictus' and 122 PN09 ENJ 'Velicitas'

My thanks to Leyton for the report and photos 


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