Saturday 28 May 2011

Saturday Afternoon at the Beach

A York Pullman coach and a double decker from New City Coaches were among the nine vehicles seen at Great Yarmouth's Beach Coach station this afternoon.

The York Pullman was a Van Hool with the registration of B18KJF. The vehicle is on hire to National Holidays for its Great Yarmouth and Norfolk Broads tour. The York Pullman name was  resurrected by K&J Travel of Rufforth in April 2007 after the original trading name was sold to Hull City Transport after de-regulation.

The New City Coaches double decker was a Volvo B12B with Jonchere bodywork. The Luton-based vehicle was NUI8635 and is capable of seating 71 passengers on its two decks. It has previously been registered 243ELU and N157LMJ. (Source: HB Publications)

Finally, Whippet utilised Volvo J669LGA on its Coastal Service; which made a slight change from the regular J689LGA!!

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